Transferring Blog to Designer Soap Tools

Hello Soapers! I will be transferring my blog to my webstore Designer Soap Tools, to keep post managing a little bit easier. On my new blog I will continue to post videos and I will be adding more variety to the new blog. I will also share new ideas, new products, pictures of soapers using Designer Soap Tools products, and other useful information! If you … Continue reading Transferring Blog to Designer Soap Tools

Play Dough CP Soap

Hello Soapers! I have been planning for quite a while to make some Play Dough CP Soap, and I finally made some this week (first time). The recipe was a simple one: 25% olive oil 25% palm oil 25% coconut 25% sunflower oil I used my acrylic mold with the extra dividers to make different colours: white yellow pink green purple I now have to … Continue reading Play Dough CP Soap

Cold Process Soap – Yellow and Blue Night Sky

Hello Soapers! I made my last 3 batches evolving around the colours white, blue and yellow. My first inspirations I thought of were Portuguese Tiles (post from last week). This time I made another batch with the same colours, but my inspiration was of a nightsky: The colours I wanted where similar to the colours in the image above. Here are some images of the … Continue reading Cold Process Soap – Yellow and Blue Night Sky

Soap inspired from Portuguese Tiles

Hello Soapers! Well, I just got back from vacation last week and I finished up some things that I had to do (laser projects) and as soon as possible I made a soap! Only yesterday was I able to make a soap… Actually, 3 different soaps from ideas that I had. All 3 soaps are inspired from Portuguese Tiles: The colours I wanted to use … Continue reading Soap inspired from Portuguese Tiles

Soap Clay Lines – Cold Process

Hello Soapers out there! It is well known in Portugal where I live, the beneficial treatments of Argila Verde (Green Clay). There are several beaches where you can go to and cover yourself with “mud” that is great for your skin and your body. Green Clay has been used by man from early times, being known for its therapeutical properties. Green clay has great absorbing … Continue reading Soap Clay Lines – Cold Process

Rebatch Cold Process- 1st time

Hello you lyers! I made a cold process soap last week that I split in 2 different batches: Adding honey, honey fragrance and yellow colour; Adding peach fragrance and orange colour to the other. I first poured my honey batch and everything was OK. When I was ready to pour my peach batch I noticed that it was beginning to clump up (ricing). I tried … Continue reading Rebatch Cold Process- 1st time

Summer Soap – Cold Process

Hello Soaper friends! Even though it is raining today, I am going to share with everyone who is interested my Summer Soap 🙂 I made 3 different soaps that I am planning on selling together as a kit: Pink Strawberry; Green Apple; Flower Soap (pink, green, white and yellow). Recipe: Olive oil   30% Palm oil    30% Coconut oil 20% Almond oil  9% Shea … Continue reading Summer Soap – Cold Process

Honey and Beeswax Soap

Hello soapers! I made a soap (cold process) last week with local honey and beeswax. It was the first time I made soap with so much honey (3 teaspoons of honey in 1.5kg of oils – see what the honey did to my soap in the pictures below!). Honey and Beeswax Soap   Cold process soap with honey and beeswax Recipe: – Olive oil 35% … Continue reading Honey and Beeswax Soap

Spring Soap – Cold Process

Hello! I made my Spring Soap in March and it turned out beautiful! I wonder now if I will ever be able to make another soap the same?? 🙂 I tried this weekend another soap with different colours (purple, yellow and orange) but it didn’t turn out the same. It is nice but very different and I was trying to get the same type of … Continue reading Spring Soap – Cold Process