My goal in life

A few weeks ago, my husband asked me what my goal in life was?

It seemed like an easy question, but as I looked for an honest answer, I couldn’t think of any “goal”. I was thinking 20 different things at the same time and realized that “my kids” are my goal, but than I thought that that sounded like such a lame answer, like the type of mother that just lives for their kids, I must have another goal in life not just raising my kids, but what? I don’t have time for a “hobby” (my kids are 3.5 and 1 years old) let alone know what my goal/mission in life was.  But while I thought about my goal, I realized that raising my kids happily isn’t a lame answer and it is a well set goal: “My goal, at this moment in my life, is to raise my kids and spend as much quality time with them as possible”.


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