My 1st Melt and Pour

Melt and Pour Swirl FAIL 🙂

Today I made my first melt and pour – tried to do the swirl technique. Let me tell you now, it was a FAIL!! 🙂

I wanted to make a melt and pour soap. About a month ago I started watching some videos and reading some information on various sites, and it just seemed so easy! And it is, I am sure. As I “researched” and watched various videos on youtube, I “discovered” the swirl! Wow, such pretty soaps! So, I decided to do a Melt and Pour soap using the swirl technique.

I wasn’t sure if the Swirl technique was for Melt and Pour or for the Cold Process, so I googled “Melt and Pour Swirl” and some articles appeared so I thought “OK, it is possible”.

This is what a soap swirl may look like (there are so many diferent and beautiful swirl soaps):

So I decided to make my own swirl soap using Melt and Pour method.

I got all my stuff ready and started preparing myself to make my first soap. I had been imagining this for a few days and was pretty confident. I did a mental visualization of the process – material I needed, pouring the soaps and the final result beautiful…

So, first all the material I needed on the countertop:

  • Glycerin (opaque)
  • Fragrances and colouring
  • 4 Bowls
  • Spatulas
  • Sticks to mix (one for each bowl)
  • Molds (ideas here for economical molds)
  • Rubbing alcohol (which I forgot)
Material on the coutnertop
Cutting glycerin in cubes
Glycerin beginning to melt (heated in microwave)
Almost all melted
Divide the melted glycerin in 4 diferent bowls


The 4 bowls:

  • Green+ 1 tablespoon of 100% olive oil + Rosemary fragrance (5 drops)
  • Pink + Rose fragrance (5 drops)
  • Orange + 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • White glycerin (didn’t add any colour) + vanilla fragrance
Add the fragrances and colouring

Goog idea: Since I don’t have a dropper, I dipped one of the sticks in the fragrance bottle and the drops that rolled off I poured in the bowls. I counted 5 drops for each fragrance I added. The “dropper” worked really well.

The melted base started to solidfy really quickly, so I reheated the bases with the fragrance and colouring added. Now I was ready to pour and do my swirl technique…or so I thought.

As I started to pour the liquid, each base in a corner, it was too thin and the 4 melted bases began to intersect eachother, but it seemed like it was going to work out. I finished pouring the 4 bases and started to rotate the mold about 45Âş at a time, around and around expecting the 4 bases to begin to swirl around each other (like this example). But the bases were beginning to solidify really quickly and weren’t flowing like I had seen in the youtube videos… So this is what happened:

Melt and Pour Swirl – FAIL FAIL FAIL

I then poured the rest of the melt and base in another mold I had, hoping to be able to do something like this, but what I got was this:


Lastly, I forgot the rubbing alcohol to spray on top of the melted base (it bursts the soap bubbles that might acumuluate on top), but then again I don’t think anyone will notice the bubbles on this beautiful melt and pour soap 🙂

24 hours later I umolded my soaps:


I cut them in pieces and I’ll turn them over to have the prettier side on top.

They turned out OK, not as pretty as I hoped but they will be used up like any other soap 🙂

Conclusions: Melt and Pour swirl is possible but not using the technique I used (video here with Melt and Pour Swirl). The technique I used is for Cold Process soaps.

But even if I had seen the video of Anne Marie Soap Quenn before my experience, I don’t think it would have worked out because my melt base was cooling up to quickly. I am not sure if it is because I wasn’t heating up (or maybe heating too much) my melt base. The right temperature to pour melt and pour base is 60ÂşC (140ÂşF) – NOTE to myself: I need to order a thermometer. Also, since my batches weren’t very big I think the melt base was cooling more quickly than if I had larger batches. Hopefully, I will be able to make my conclusions within the next soaps I make.






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