My best Tia

Tia, today is your birthday. You would be 48 years old. My god, it hurts so much when I think how young you were when you left us, you were supposed to live so many more years…

You had so much life, you were an example to all with your healthy lifestyle. No one could ever have imagined what happened.

I have to admit that I feel angry, especially when I read or hear advice from doctors about healthy lifestyles will reduce your chances of developing cancer. No smoking, no drinking, eating healthy  and regular exercise will reduce your chances of developing cancer. You were the perfect example of this lifestyle!

I still don’t understand how you developed cancer, and I sometimes look for explanations. I guess it is human nature trying to find explanations to things we don’t know or understand… Maybe it is my conspiracy theory type thinking but I really think it might have something to do with when you were in the army, either directly or the post-traumatic effect it had on you…

I know that you knew how much I loved you, that you were my favourite Tia. And it is not because you gave me the best presents when I was little, but it is because you always made me feel special, like I was the coolest and funnest kid around. You made me feel like I was really important.

I love you and miss you so much.


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