1 month of Cold Process Soaps, I am addicted

This is the diary of a soapaholic.

I started soaping on Tuesday February 9, 2016. I will never forget the day because it was Carnaval (holiday) and I was pretty sick with the flu. I couldn’t smell anything and I had a pretty fierce headache. But the day before, I had recieved my first oficial order of soap supplies and I was more than ready to make my first cold process soap. No way was this headache and runny nose going to stop me!

Tuesday afternoon, I went downstairs to our basement, kids were sleeping their needed nap and my husband was entertained with his music. I started the soaping process in my mind, going through each step: lye+water, vegetable oils (olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil…), blend everyhting together, add colours and essential oils… The different moulds I would be using and the different techniques I would try! You know how when you want to do something and can’t decide which one to do, that was me! So I decided to try the taiwan swirl, flowers on soap and the spinning swirl.

So, my first try went pretty well. A few things didn’t go as expected, ex: I spent more time trying to get the coconut out of the bottle than I wanted to (bottle had a small entrance and I couldn’t get a spoon in to scoop it out), my micas didn’t dissolve like I wanted (I added it directly to the batches of soap and some bits of mica didn’t dissolve), but that was pretty much all that went wrong. I poured my soaps in the moulds, did each technique as planned and they came out ok for a first experience.

One week later, my soaps began turning brownish (soap that had no colouring but I had mixed essential oil). Now I have learned that some some essential oils turn the batch brown when it has no colours added.

Here are some pics of my first soaps:

Taiwan Swirl


Spinning Swirl
“Flowers” on top

This Wednesday I finally tested my first soap. Wow, it is awesome 🙂 I am very happy with it! I wash my kids with it, we wash our hair with it, it smells really nice (ylang ylang and chamomile), lots of bubbles and really leaves my skin soft and hidrated 🙂 My skin isn’t as dry and my eczema spots aren’t itchy (still red but not itchy).

I am very pleased 🙂

So I took some pictures of the soaps I made, every weekend I have made one batch.

I have lots of ideas and I finished my coconut and palm oil so I will be making a new order very soon 🙂

2nd batch – Flowers on top of soap
3rd batch – Full of Soda ash!
Taiwan Swirl, exploring
4th batch, Cocoa powder drawing
4th batch, Cocoa powder and cinnamon
All my batches made this month of February

Soap I made yesterday:

Smells like vanilla



They aren’t exactly how I imagined them, but I am getting closer to the type of “art” that I like best. Practice, practice, practice, I might get there one day 🙂

Take care,



2 thoughts on “1 month of Cold Process Soaps, I am addicted

    1. Thank you! Yes I am enjoying it very much! And I am seeing improvements on my skin! It isn’t as dry and itchy! 🙂


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