My acrylic soap mold

I have been dedicating my (little) extra time to a homemade project I had decided to do. Every (possible) morning I get up at 05h30, while my kids are still sleeping. Until 7am I study/research on the project I am doing at the moment.

I needed an acrylic soap mold and I decided to make one myself! I know how to draw with 3D Cad programs, I have the equipment to cut… All I needed was to buy the acrylic (6mm thick) and to dedicate some time on figuring out the best way to draw the mould.

NOTE: I know that sometimes I exagerate a little bit on having to do everything myself!

I have been on this project for about 3 weeks, and last weekend I finally had my mold ready to test!!

I was really anxious!

NOTE: I haven’t been soaping because I was dedicating my time on this specific project.

Here is a video of my first acrylic soap mold, made by me!


Well, I have made some changes on my mold, because there were some things that needed to be changed but overall it worked very well!

I am so proud of my new mold!!

For my next project I will try and make a bigger mold (the size of this mold was 60x80x120).

If you have any suggestions or ideas I would love to know! Comment below or e-mail me 🙂



4 thoughts on “My acrylic soap mold

  1. Hello Amanda,
    During the last weeks I have been busy with the business start. Now I read your answer.
    For my soaps gelling is very important.
    As I read your comment I have been thinking about some solutions that might help!
    Maybe you could use a simple wooden mould to put the acrylic one into and cover them both with a wooden panel – I am almost 100% sure that the soap would gel then.
    Another option could be a self-made box of styrofoam! Both would help with gelling!
    Concerning the lining I could think about a similar sheet that this lady is using in her video:
    Let me know what you think! 😉


    1. Hello Márti!
      Wow! That is great you starting your business 🙂 I hope that it is going well!!
      I still haven’t tried gelling my soap, I will have to gt around to that when I have some more free time! I have so many things to do and no time! I am sure it happens to all of us 🙂 The link you sent me I had already seen! I am a fan of her, I have watched lots of her videos! Ariane seems so nice 🙂
      I reaaly hope that your business is doing well!
      Take care,


  2. This is so cool. You are really making your own soap mould…!
    The cut is very interesting and I like also the flexibility to use one mould and create different sizes!
    Does acrylic isolate well? Can you reach gelling in this mould?
    What kind of lining sheet do you use? For my wooden moulds I am still looking for something practical..
    And your soap cutting wire is also superb!! 🙂 did you make it yourself too??
    Thanks for sharing the video!
    Xoxo Márti

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    1. Hello Márti!! Thank you!! I am so happy that you find it cool!! I am really happy with it too! It is the same feeling when you make your own soaps 🙂
      Well, you are asking some difficult questions that I still don’t have the answers! I guess I will have to try and force gelling and see what happens! NOTE: I have never tried gelling but there is a first time for everything. From what I have read, acrylic does not insulate as much as a wooden mold, that’s why it is better for soaps that use milk. But I will have to try and wrap my mold and soap in a towel and see what happens! I will post my results.
      For the lining I used overhead transparencies sheet that I cut to fit in the mold. I am not sure if they are needed with the acylic mold but I used it just to make sure it would unmold! I will try and make a soap with no lining and see how it comes out. I have seen other people “stick” the lining with vaseline instead of water. Since your mold is in wood maybe the lining will stick better with vaseline!
      I didn’t make my cutting wire, but that is a good idea! I bought my cutting wire a few years ago to slice cakes in half (I think at Ikea). I used it once or twice and never used it again… Now when I started soaping I tried to use what I had a t home and it works perfectly!!

      Take care,


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