Mold filled with soap

Acrylic Soap Mold 60x80x210mm


I just tested yesterday my new acrylic soap mold! I am very pleased with the way it turned out!

I had already tested a smaller mold, 60x80x140mm and it worked very well. So I was pretty anxious to test my new mold, 60x80x210mm. I was pretty nervous because I am testing a bigger mold (if it doesn’t work I will be wasting 2x A3 dimension acrylic sheets!!)

I have been making soaps with goats milk instead of using water and since I wanted my soaps to be a whiter colour I put the soap in the refrigerator. They say that goats milk is very good for sensitive skin (I have eczema and so my kids).

Features of my new mold:

  • Inner dimensions 60x80x210mm
  • Volume 1008ml (~700grams of oil depending on your recipe)
  • Adjustable dimensions so that it is possible to make smaller soaps or independent soaps
  • Lining is not necessary but can be used if desired
  • Acrylic is good for soaps that you do not want to heat up (like soaps made with milk)
  • Mold is fixed with elastics and if using very light trace it can be fastened with bolts to keep the mold tightened

These are some of the pictures of my mold:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I usually put the soap in the refrigerator so that the soap stays a lighter colour (since it doesn’t heat up as much as if it would if it stayed at room temperature).

Below is a picture of 2 soaps I made a few weeks ago, same batch of soap. The soap on the left was left to saponify at room temperature and the soap on the right I put in the fridge (soap made with my frozen breastmilk):

Soap made with my breastmilk – left at room temperature, right put in the fridge

You can see the difference, the colour of the soap on the right is much lighter, and I like it better that way.

Back to my new acrylic soap mold, I unmolded the soap today and here are the pictures of my soap:

Goat milk soap with green and pink clay

I will make another soap next weekend using the adjustable sizes.

I will have to try new techniques (like shimmy and tall skinny)

What do you think of my new mold?

If you have any questions comment below.

If you are interested in purchasing my mold email me:


7 thoughts on “Acrylic Soap Mold 60x80x210mm

    1. Bonjour Kevin 🙂
      J’ai fait le moule moi même avec ma machine découpe a laser.Je vais t’envoyer par mail plus informacion.


    1. Hello Cath! I am going to sell them for 60€, with shipping costs extra.
      If you have any questions feel free to ask 🙂 I will be making a video showing how to assemble the mold and unmolding the soap 🙂 I already have one video on youtube, but it was made with a smaller size mold 🙂

      And yes I could ship to Australia 🙂 I would have to ask at the post office what options we have 🙂


      1. Hello Cath! Shipping fees are 11€ (anywhere outside of Europe fees are 11€).
        Take care


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