New Laser Project – Kristine Haute Couture

I have participated in a new project with a friend/family member, Kristine.

Kristine is a fashion designer in haute couture. She makes beautiful dresses and is extremely talented. Her desire is to make all women feel beautiful and pretty like dolls. Her style is more directioned to gothic, Rococo, but she can make anything according to your style, always with an elegant and sophisticated touch.

Here is her facebook page where you can see some of her creations:)

Krisitne’s latest collection was inspired on Wrought Iron.

She had a bride’s dress ordered that she had to make with Wrought Iron inspiration.

Krisitine asked me if I was able to cut some cloth with my laser machine (instead of cutting it by hand) and I said Yes, of course! (even though I hadn’t tried cutting cloth yet!).

She sent a friend of hers her hand drawing of the cloth she needed cut (her mold):


Her friend drew it on computer (using Illustrator and trace functions) and sent me the pdf files.

I am using the free program Inkspace and I opened the pdf files and saved it as .dxf.

Using my laser program, I opened the dxf file and scaled the image to the sizes that Kristine needed.

I then did a few tests on my laser machine to cut the cloth varying the velocity and power to get the right cut (on my machine it was 100mm/s and 20% power).

I used a side of a carton box and some binder pins to fix the cloth and put it in the laser machine:


Here are pictures of the cut cloth:

Cloth cut 01
Cloth cut 02
Cloth cut 03

And here is a picture of the bride’s dress:


Beautiful 🙂 ❤

Wow 🙂 I am very happy to have participated in such a beautiful work of art 🙂

Congratulations Kristine 🙂

Krisitne will be participating in Paratissima in Torino, Italy, from 02 to 06 of November 2016 with her new collection of dresses.

I wish you the best of luck Kristine 🙂 ❤



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