Bath Melts

I am trying some new DIY projects.

I tried making bath bombs last weekend, my 3rd try. It was a little bit more difficult than expected. My bath bombs either crumbled when unmolding or during drying time. I tried a few different approaches. On my 2nd batch I added more water – they didn’t crumble when dried but there was some fizz reaction during the mixing and then when I put the bath bombs in my bathtub they practically didn’t bubble 😦 So for my third try I added more carrier oil, sweet almond, to add more mixture to my dry ingredients. This was what worked. My bath bomb was easy to unmold, didn’t crumble and bubbled and fizzed in my bathtub 🙂

I also made some bath melts last weekend, with cocoa butter, shea butter and some beeswax. I added some glitter to them and added fragrance (chocolate and strawberry).

Here is a picture of my bath melts with a little message:


Era uma vez (Once upon a time)

Uma pele linda e saudável (Healthy and beautiful skin)

Para sempre (Forever)


On the back side:

Acredite (Believe)

Nos príncipes encantados, na nauterza, (In prince charming, nature)

E principalmente em si (And especially in you)

My kids have been testing them in their baths 🙂 Approved 🙂

Take care,



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