Summer Soap – Cold Process

Hello Soaper friends!

Even though it is raining today, I am going to share with everyone who is interested my Summer Soap 🙂

I made 3 different soaps that I am planning on selling together as a kit:

  • Pink Strawberry;
  • Green Apple;
  • Flower Soap (pink, green, white and yellow).
Summer Soap


Olive oil   30%

Palm oil    30%

Coconut oil 20%

Almond oil  9%

Shea butter 6%

Castor oil     5%

I divided my batch in 4 separate containers (pink, green, white and yellow).

With this mold and the extra divider it is possible to make 2 different soaps using 1 mold. I poured Pink Strawberry on one side and Green Apple on the other side.

1 mold with extra divider – 2 soaps in 1 mold!

I then made my Flower Soap:

And here is the cut:

I love the colours and the way the swirls came out 🙂

Now I have to package my soaps in some cute packaging.

These are the first soaps I am going to try and sell in a public space 🙂

If you are interested, I also made a video making the soaps (making, unmolding and cutting):

Are you curious about my molds?

I designed them and cut them in my laser machine.

If you are interested and want more information (sizes available, prices, shipping) send me an email and I will send you all the information.

I am making my webstore/site with more information.

It should be finished by the end of this month May 2017!

Take care and happy soaping,



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