Rebatch Cold Process- 1st time

Hello you lyers!

I made a cold process soap last week that I split in 2 different batches:

  • Adding honey, honey fragrance and yellow colour;
  • Adding peach fragrance and orange colour to the other.

I first poured my honey batch and everything was OK. When I was ready to pour my peach batch I noticed that it was beginning to clump up (ricing). I tried to be quick and poured the batch in my mold hoping for the best.


When I went to cut my soap the next day, it was full of brown chunks. DOS? No, because my other batch was perfect (except for the soda ash forming on top…).

I cut the soap to see how it looked like inside:


Brown chunks

Brown chunks

Not a very nice picture. Even though I was sure it was from the fragrance, I did not want to throw out this soap, and keeping it at home for ourselves would take forever to finish the soap. So I decided to try and rebatch and save this soap.

I cut the soap in very thin slices and placed it in a double boiler (I don’t have a crockpot and the double boiler worked just fine).

Soap cut in thin slices

It took about 1 hour to melt it all. I left it about 10 more minutes just to make sure and then I decided that it was time to scoop it in the mold.

Soap melted in double boiler
Soap all melted

I scooped all of the soap in the mold and let it cool.

Rebatched soap in the mold – still very hot

When I tried to unmold it the next day it was very difficult, so I put the soap in the freezer for 3 hours and then unmolded it!

Rebatched soap unmolded

And ta-dah. Here is my rebatched soap cut up. I actually like the way it turned out and I am happy that I saved my soap! Now, I think I am ready for a hot process challenge 🙂

Rebatch cut02Rebatch cut01

Great thing about rebatch and hot process soap – it only has to cure for about 1 week and it can be used!

I also made a video. I will upload it tomorrow on youtube!

Next week I will try my first hot process soap!

Take care,




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