Cold Process Soap – Yellow and Blue Night Sky

Hello Soapers!

I made my last 3 batches evolving around the colours white, blue and yellow.

My first inspirations I thought of were Portuguese Tiles (post from last week).

This time I made another batch with the same colours, but my inspiration was of a nightsky:

Yellow and Blue inspiration

The colours I wanted where similar to the colours in the image above.

Here are some images of the soap I made:

Soap 06Soap 01

I decided to gel this soap, to make the colours more intense and to see if I avoided the soda ash (I always have soda ash on the top of my soaps!).

So, my gelled soap got very nice intense colour, but my soap overheated in the oven (80ºC) and I got blisters on the top surface of the soap:

So I sliced the top of my soap off to remove the blisters.

I am beginning to wonder if I should just accept my faith with soda ash and give in, but no! I have at least 2 more ideas to see if soda ash is gone! Next week they will be tried and tested. I will post my discoveries!

Here is my youtube video making this soap. I hope you enjoy 🙂

If you have any suggestions, or questions, feel free to ask or tell me!

My husband made the music, it is really relaxing and energetic!

My acrylic soap molds:

Thank you and take care,



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