Play Dough CP Soap

Hello Soapers!

I have been planning for quite a while to make some Play Dough CP Soap, and I finally made some this week (first time).

The recipe was a simple one:

  • 25% olive oil
  • 25% palm oil
  • 25% coconut
  • 25% sunflower oil

I used my acrylic mold with the extra dividers to make different colours:

  • white
  • yellow
  • pink
  • green
  • purple


I now have to start making flowers and other things I have planned. Let me see how this works and I will keep you updated with my new ideas 🙂

Here is the video pouring and unmolding the Play Dough CP Soap:

I have some new ideas to make different creatures, uh, I mean creations. (Hint: I will need my laser machine to do this work :))!

Any questions, let me know! Who knows, I might be able to help 🙂

Acrylic mold (15% discount – celebrating webstore inauguration! It is a great oppurtunity to get this mold):

Take care,




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