Transferring Blog to Designer Soap Tools

Hello Soapers! I will be transferring my blog to my webstore Designer Soap Tools, to keep post managing a little bit easier. On my new blog I will continue to post videos and I will be adding more variety to the new blog. I will also share new ideas, new products, pictures of soapers using Designer Soap Tools products, and other useful information! If you … Continue reading Transferring Blog to Designer Soap Tools

Rebatch Cold Process- 1st time

Hello you lyers! I made a cold process soap last week that I split in 2 different batches: Adding honey, honey fragrance and yellow colour; Adding peach fragrance and orange colour to the other. I first poured my honey batch and everything was OK. When I was ready to pour my peach batch I noticed that it was beginning to clump up (ricing). I tried … Continue reading Rebatch Cold Process- 1st time

Honey and Beeswax Soap

Hello soapers! I made a soap (cold process) last week with local honey and beeswax. It was the first time I made soap with so much honey (3 teaspoons of honey in 1.5kg of oils – see what the honey did to my soap in the pictures below!). Honey and Beeswax Soap   Cold process soap with honey and beeswax Recipe: – Olive oil 35% … Continue reading Honey and Beeswax Soap

Spring Soap – Cold Process

Hello! I made my Spring Soap in March and it turned out beautiful! I wonder now if I will ever be able to make another soap the same?? 🙂 I tried this weekend another soap with different colours (purple, yellow and orange) but it didn’t turn out the same. It is nice but very different and I was trying to get the same type of … Continue reading Spring Soap – Cold Process

11 Flowers/Herbs for Infusion

I usually keep all of the glass containers that are garbage/recycable. I always think it is such a waste to throw out, so I have kept most of my glass containers for the last 4 years… Well, I finally know what I will be using them for! And it is such a great idea: Infused flower/herb oils/water! February and March are the months that most seeds … Continue reading 11 Flowers/Herbs for Infusion