Unmolding Soap, Acrylic Mold

Hello! I have had some soapers/lyers ask to see a video of my acrylic soap mold, pouring and unmolding, so I decided to make a video. Unfortunately, I had a problem with the video… I deleted the pouring in the mold videos by mistake, so I will have to make another complete video one of these days 🙂 (I will have to make more soap … Continue reading Unmolding Soap, Acrylic Mold

New Laser Project – Kristine Haute Couture

I have participated in a new project with a friend/family member, Kristine. Kristine is a fashion designer in haute couture. She makes beautiful dresses and is extremely talented. Her desire is to make all women feel beautiful and pretty like dolls. Her style is more directioned to gothic, Rococo, but she can make anything according to your style, always with an elegant and sophisticated touch. … Continue reading New Laser Project – Kristine Haute Couture

Pictures of my acrylic soap mold

  Hello Sara, I am posting the pictures of the acrylic soap mold on my blog because I am having some dificulties with facebook, lol 🙂 More pictures of position 50x80mm (width of mold):   And here are some pictures of some of my experiences: So the parts I will send you you can make 80×80 and 50×80 width soaps. And here is an image … Continue reading Pictures of my acrylic soap mold

Cold process Soap with white spots/bubbles – what is it?

Hello! I made a soap yesterday (haven’t soaped in a month). I was trying to make a new soap like geometric soaps, inspired by Pasito a Pasito. Using my acrylic mold and spare parts, I decided to invent a little bit and see what would happen… My idea was to make a geometric soap with a straight line and a slanted line with different soap … Continue reading Cold process Soap with white spots/bubbles – what is it?

Praia da Nazaré, Leiria

Yesterday we decided to go to Nazaré Beach. Whenever possible, I really love going there. We live about 20 mintues away from various beaches, but Nazaré is my favourite. I always have a feeling of peace when we arrive at the beach. Nazaré is a small fishing village but very well prepared for tourists. There are lots of restaurantes, cafés, SPA and lots of gift … Continue reading Praia da Nazaré, Leiria

1 month of Cold Process Soaps, I am addicted

This is the diary of a soapaholic. I started soaping on Tuesday February 9, 2016. I will never forget the day because it was Carnaval (holiday) and I was pretty sick with the flu. I couldn’t smell anything and I had a pretty fierce headache. But the day before, I had recieved my first oficial order of soap supplies and I was more than ready … Continue reading 1 month of Cold Process Soaps, I am addicted