Healthy Snacks/Breakfast Ideas (for kids too)

Having 2 small children and extra time do not mix togther in the same sentence. Well, maybe they do but only if you’re asking “Do you have extra time to take care of my small children?”

I guess we all try to save time in the kitchen, and one way I try to save time is by having some healthy snacks ready to eat. Here are some of my suggestions:

1- Roasted apples with cinnamon

Roasted apples with cinnamon

Wash apples, take out the core and bake the apples with cinnamon in the stove, 200ºC for about 20 minutes.

I usually put 7 or 8 apples at a time, having enough apples for 3 or 4 days.

They are great and my kids love them, eating 2 or 3 apples each time.

2- Avocado + maple syrup


We all know how wonderful avocado is for us (don’t forget to use the seed too in your salad for ex.). How about maple syrup? It is a healthy sugar too. So, imagine avocado + maple syrup! Very delicious and very healthy.

We usually eat 0.5 avocado with 5 tablespoons of maple syrup in the morning.

3- Smashed banana + 1 cookie + cinnamon

When I dont’ have roasted apples, I usually smash a banana with a crumbled cookie and cinnamon. Kids love it 🙂

4- Homemade granola bars

About every 2 or 3 weeks I make some granola bars, usually I google the internet and I try a different recipe each time. I still haven’t found the perfect recipe, but when I find it I’ll list it below.

Imagine from the internet

A great thing about the granola bars:

  • You can put all the seeds you like (sesame, raisins, pumpkin seeds…)
  • Recipe with little sugar (I use honey and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar)
  • It lasts for about 2 weeks

5- Yogurt with fresh fruit

I usually make a mix of yogurt and fruit using the season’s fruit.

In the winter months yogurt with oranges and pomegranate, in the summertime melon, peaches, figs, apricots, wild mulberries, grapes…

How about a fruit kebab?


Or grind the fruits with yogurt and place it in the freezer for about 1 hour…

I am salivating…

6- Milkshake with fresh fruit

You can grind fresh fruit with milkm yogurt or ice cream depending on what you want. But for breakfast I would consider using milk or yogurt.


Hope I gave you some ideas for easy and healthy snacks!


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