Melt and Pour Soap Quilling – inspired by Sena Runa

A few months ago I read an article about an artist who quit her day job to make paper quilling art, Sena Runa. I read the article and fell in love with her art work:


So, I have been thinking of doing this for a while, and tonight I did.

I made a melt and pour soap inspired on Sena Runa’s paper quilling. I made a simple beginners art, next time I’ll try something more elaborated.

Melt and Pour Soap Quilling

I already had some soaps made 2 weeks ago and I peeled them with a potato peeler to get the curly effect.

Peeled soap

I tried to make diferent shapes and figures with the curled soap.

I had 2 molds ready to use (empty plastic containers that I kept).

1st soap: For the first soap I placed the curled soap in the container and then added the melted soap base (opaque). While I was pouring the melted soap base I realized that the soap base probably wouldn’t be able to get all around the curled soap, so I decided to do the second soap differently. This time I didn’t forget to spray with alcohol to burst the bubbles!

Curled soap

2nd soap: In the second soap, I first put a thin layer (1mm thick) of melted soap base and then placed the curled soap in. After placing all of the curled soap I filled in the rest with the melted soap base (opaque).

2 hours later I unmolded the soaps:

Melt and Pour – Inspired by Sena Runa

I cut the soaps in half: half of it in half again in the other half I cut it horizontally so that I could see the 2 different effects:

Melt and Pour Soap Quilling

I like the way they came out. Next time I’ll dedicate some more time and try and make a nicer lay-out.

Which cut do you like best? I like them both 🙂

NOTE: There was no difference between the two soaps, they both filled up nicely.


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