Melt and Pour – Transparent with little cupcakes

Transparent soaps with little cupcakes
Transparent soaps with little cupcakes

I finally recieved my first delivery to start my melt and pour soaps (ordered at Gran Velada):

  • Óleo de Jojoba
  • Sabão Base de Glicerina Cristal
  • Sabão Base de Glicerina Branco
  • Óleo de Coco
  • Manteiga de Karité Refinada
  • Molde 12 Bolinhos Românticos
  • Óleo Essencial de Ylang Ylang
  • Pigmento Mineral, Azul Ultramarino cosmetico
  • Molde 8 Pastilhas de Sabonetes Clássicas
  • Essência Aromática de Ámbar Oriental Extra
  • Jarra para derreter sabão
  • Molde de silicone, 9 Mini Tartinhas
  • Pigmento Mineral, Violeta Ultramarino. Cosmético
  • Molde para fazer cupcakes mini
  • Sabão Base de Leite de Cabra
  • Pipeta Conta-gotas
  • Colheres Medidoras, Kit de 6 medidas.

My plan was to make glycerin soaps with little soaps in opaque in the inside.

So I started by making my little cupcake and flower soaps, using the colours blue and pink.

I whisked the blue base too much when I added the blue mica colouring (I didn´t know that was possible) and the blue base started to get very fluffy and bubbly. I thought that it would go flat again but it didn’t, so my blue soaps are lighter and more fluffy than the pink soaps. I learned that I should whisk my colours and essential oils in a separate batch, not together with the melt and pour base.

Ahh, again I forgot to spray the silicone molds with alcohol! Alcohol to pop the soap bubbles – most not forget!!

24 hours later I unmolded my little soaps.

Little soaps (melt and pour)

So now that I have my little soaps, I am ready to pour transparent melt and pour base on my little soaps.

I placed the little soaps in each silicone cavity how I wanted them to be layed and poured the melted base on them:

Melted transparent base with little opaque soaps

I made 2 different bases: purple with ylang ylang EO and orange (coloured with turmerci) with amber EO. In both bases I put Jojoba oil.

I only put a few drops of each EO, I think I have to put more because my soaps aren’t very scented.

I made a 3rd soap for my husband using green and rosemary EO and 1 tablespoon of olive oil and jojoba oil:

Rosemary EO + 1 tablespoon of olive oil + 1 tablespoon jojoba oil

24 hours later I unmolded my soaps:

This experience worked out a little bit better than my last 🙂


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