My acrylic soap mold

I have been dedicating my (little) extra time to a homemade project I had decided to do. Every (possible) morning I get up at 05h30, while my kids are still sleeping. Until 7am I study/research on the project I am doing at the moment.

I needed an acrylic soap mold and I decided to make one myself! I know how to draw with 3D Cad programs, I have the equipment to cut… All I needed was to buy the acrylic (6mm thick) and to dedicate some time on figuring out the best way to draw the mold.

NOTE: I know that sometimes I exagerate a little bit on having to do everything myself!

I have been on this project for about 3 weeks, and last weekend I finally had my mold ready to test!!

I was really anxious!

NOTE: I haven’t been soaping because I was dedicating my time on this specific project.

Here is a video of my first acrylic soap mold, made by me!

Well, I have made some changes on my mold, because there were some things that needed to be changed but overall it worked very well!

I am so proud of my new mold!!

For my next project I will try and make a bigger mold (the size of this mold was 60x80x120).

If you have any suggestions or ideas I would love to know! Comment below or e-mail me 🙂


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