Praia da Nazaré, Leiria

Yesterday we decided to go to Nazaré Beach.

Whenever possible, I really love going there. We live about 20 mintues away from various beaches, but Nazaré is my favourite. I always have a feeling of peace when we arrive at the beach.

Nazaré is a small fishing village but very well prepared for tourists. There are lots of restaurantes, cafés, SPA and lots of gift shops. But the best part of Nazaré is her beauty. The ocean is very green/blue, the cliff on the left side of the beach really adds a different touch to this beautiful place and it is simply peaceful.

Of course, in the summer time it is very crowded so depending on the time you go it might be more stressful than peaceful (especially if you are looking for a parking spot in the center of the village).

Here are some pictures we took yesterday (before 9am):

Local dress “7 saias” (7 skirts)



Lots of cute little lanes to wander around, cute little houses..

I just love Nazaré Beach 🙂


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