Unmolding Soap, Acrylic Mold


I have had some people ask to see a video of my acrylic soap mold, pouring and unmolding, so I have made a video.

Unfortunately, I had a problem with the video… I deleted the pouring in the mold videos by mistake, so I will have to make another complete video one of these days 🙂 (I will have to make more soap :)!)

For this recipe I used Jasmine EO and it riced up my soap batter pretty bad… When I poured the last of my batter it looked like it had rice in it (picture down below).

Another problem I had was with the red colorant, it seems to be “bleeding” into the other colours 😦 I used a red powdered colorant hidrosoulable.

Here is the video, hope you enjoy 🙂

And here are the pictures of the soaps:

Jasmine EO – batter riced up, red colour “bleeding”
Jasmine EO – batter riced up

And here is a picture of the last batter that I poured, when the batter was ricing up into chuncks.

You can see that the soap actually looks like it has rice in it 🙂

And the colour red… Well, I guess I will have to use the red in a one colour soap 🙂


If you have any questions or comments, or useful advice let me know 🙂

Take care,



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