Vegetable omelet


So this weekend we made a few inventions in the kitchen.

For lunch I made a vegetarian omelet. Here in Portugal portuguese omelet is usually made with eggs and portuguese sauasge (chouriço):

omelte chourico

Instead of making the traditional portuguese omelet we made a few changes in the recipe. I was going to make a vegetable omelet, with brocoli and cauliflower.


  • 250g of brocoli
  • 250g of cauliflower
  • 0.5 onion
  • 1 carrot
  • 4 eggs
  • olive oil (1 tablespoon)
  • salt (1 teaspoon)

I stir fried the onion and sliced carrot with the olive oil.

I grinded the brocoli and cauliflower.

Whisked the eggs with the fork and mixed the grinded brocoli and cauliflower. Added salt.

Whisked eggs + grinded brocoli and cauliflower

I poured the eggs and vegetables in the heated skillet. I let it cook (it took a liitle longer than a normal omelet because it was a little more liquid), about 3 minutes. When it started to golden on the edges and almost all cooked, I tried to flip it over but it broke in three. So I flipped each broken part on the skillet and let it cook for about 1 more minute. And voilá, my vegetable omelet:

Vegetable omelet

We ate couscous with the omelet, yumm. It was nice and fluffy and tasty.


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