Play Dough CP Soap

Hello Soapers! I have been planning for quite a while to make some Play Dough CP Soap, and I finally made some this week (first time). The recipe was a simple one: 25% olive oil 25% palm oil 25% coconut 25% sunflower oil I used my acrylic mold with the extra dividers to make different colours: white yellow pink green purple I now have to … Continue reading Play Dough CP Soap

Summer Soap – Cold Process

Hello Soaper friends! Even though it is raining today, I am going to share with everyone who is interested my Summer Soap 🙂 I made 3 different soaps that I am planning on selling together as a kit: Pink Strawberry; Green Apple; Flower Soap (pink, green, white and yellow). Recipe: Olive oil   30% Palm oil    30% Coconut oil 20% Almond oil  9% Shea … Continue reading Summer Soap – Cold Process

Unmolding Soap, Acrylic Mold

Hello! I have had some people ask to see a video of my acrylic soap mold, pouring and unmolding, so I have made a video. Unfortunately, I had a problem with the video… I deleted the pouring in the mold videos by mistake, so I will have to make another complete video one of these days 🙂 (I will have to make more soap :)!) For … Continue reading Unmolding Soap, Acrylic Mold

Pictures of my acrylic soap mold

Hello Sara, I am posting the pictures of the acrylic soap mold on my blog because I am having some dificulties with facebook, lol 🙂 More pictures of position 50x80mm (width of mold): And here are some pictures of some of my experiences: So the parts I will send you you can make 80×80 and 50×80 width soaps. And here is an image of the … Continue reading Pictures of my acrylic soap mold

Soda ash on my CP soaps

Yesterday I did my 3rd batch of cold process soap. I wanted to make a taiwan swirl soap and I have been watching and studying for quite a while (started researching in December and made my first batch of cold process soap this Februray) and I felt that I was ready to try a taiwan swirl. It seems pretty easy, all you need is different colours mixed … Continue reading Soda ash on my CP soaps