Skin Problems

For as long as I can remember I have had eczema. When I lived in Montreal, Canada (until the age of 15), I had really bad eczema attacks in the winter. My eczema was always worse on my hands, they would get really really itchy and I would scratch my fingers or rub one hand against another really hard – sometimes I would feel my skin almost peeling off. It felt sooo good when I would rub my hands, but a few seconds after my skin would start burning from having scratched so hard. Other than the scratches I had from the itching, I also had a lot of water bubbles on the tip of my fingers and sometimes on the palm of my hands. I also would have a lot of cuts on my fingers, I guess from the skin being so sensitive. In the summer time my eczema wasn’t so agressive, but I almost always had dry, red and raised skin (sometimes it looked like I had burnt skin).

Other than my hands, I used to get eczema on my wrists and inside the elbows…

Well, I ended up learning to live with eczema, and I always thought there wasn’t much I could do about it.

When we moved to Portugal, I was 15 at the time, my eczema got a little bit better, no more water bubbles and cuts, but I always had my skin red and dry. Once in a while my eczema would get worse, never really saw a pattern.

A few years ago I had a really bad outburst. My skin was really really red, my hands (my sensitive spot) got full of water bubbles (on the palms) and my skin seemed like it was burnt. My face began to get red also, on my cheeks, and the skin on my upper lip was always oozing. It was pretty scary. I went to the hospital and I got a cortisone shot.

Well, I finally discovered what was making my body so sick. I was wearing a ring, which was nickel. At the time I had no idea that nickel could have done so much harm to my body. I was wearing this ring for almost 2 months, until I finally took it off. It took almost 1 month for my body to go back to normal. My boyfriend (husband now) also wore a nickel ring, but it didn’t cause him any allergies.

Till this day, I still have eczema. On my hands and wrists mostly. I avoid using my cortisone cream, maximum once a week. Only when it is really bad do I put cortisone cream 2 days in a row.

I have seen that my eczema has gotten better with the changes I have made in my diet (trying to be more alkaline). And whenever I eat unhealthy foods (at parties) my eczema gets worse. I think that sugar and food preservatives definitely make my eczema flare up.