Acrylic Soap Molds

When I started soaping in February 2016, I was interested in buying an acrylic soap mold because of the advantage of it not being necessary to line and because it is see through. The only problem was that I found the acrylic soap molds to be very expensive and very limited. So, I decided to make my own mold.

I am a Mechanical Engineer, molds and plastic field in the automotive industry, and I have more than 10 years of experience in the field of 3D modelling and product development. I also have a laser cutting machine that I was beginning to work with. I made my first prototype, a small mold, that I tested and it worked great.

Here is a video of my first prototype:

My prototype was a success! Now I wanted to make a bigger mold and add as many features as possible… And today I have built a super mold where it is possible to make 4 different width soaps (80mm, 60mm, 50mm and 40mm) and it is also possible to use the mold to guide your soap straight to cut each slice of soap. I am working on an extra part wire cutter but for now it still isn’t available. I use a wire cheese cutter to cut my soap. My slices are all nice and straight using the mold!

I am very proud of the mold that I have made:

  • 1 mold with the possibilty of making 4 types of soaps (different width);
  • Cut the slices of soap straight using the mold to guide your soap;
  • No lining necessary;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Little storage room necessary;
  • See through so you can have an idea of your final soap!

What I love most about this mold is that by changing the 2 short panels only, it is possible to make different soaps! All the other parts (base and long panels) are the same parts! This is really good for a number of reasons:

  • Nice for the planet – less waste of materials and production;
  • Less expensive buying 1 mold with 4 possibilites than buying 4 different molds!
  • Less expensive than buying a soap mold and a soap cutter!

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Take care and Happy Soaping,