My Experiences

January, 2016

I am beginning to discover the beautiful world of handmade and natural soap. I have been reading about soap processing for about a month and am anxious to start my experiences. I ordered last week my first kit of soap making material, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Until it arrives, I will make my experiences with the opaque glycerin (melt and pour) my husband bought a few weeks ago, with some fragrances and colouring drops.

From what I have read, I decided that I want to make natural soap, so I am planning on making Cold Process soaps. But before I try those, I will make my first experiences with Melt and Pour to begin with something easier.

In my order I have essential oils, mica colours, coconut and shea (karité) butter, glycerin (transparent, opaque and goat milk), molds and some utensils for soap making. My next order will be for making my first cold process soaps. Until my order arrives, I will make soaps with the material I have at home (melt and pour).

I ordered my material at Gran Velada.

I am sure that in a few months I will laugh at my first experiences and posts 🙂

Update May 2017:

I am making nicer soaps that I did when I first started. I have started to share my recipes and I am starting to make videos on youtube! I am still learning and I promise that my youtube videos will get better!