6 Healthy Snack/Breakfast Ideas for kids

Having 2 small children and extra time do not mix togther in the same sentence. Well, maybe they do but only if you’re asking “Do you have extra time to take care of my small children?” I guess we all try to save time in the kitchen, and one way I try to save time is by having some healthy snacks ready to eat. Here are … Continue reading 6 Healthy Snack/Breakfast Ideas for kids

Vegetable Omelet

This weekend we made a few inventions in the kitchen. For lunch I made a vegetarian omelet. Here in Portugal portuguese omelet is usually made with eggs and portuguese sauasge (chouriço): Instead of making the traditional portuguese omelet we made a few changes in the recipe. I was going to make a vegetable omelet, with brocoli and cauliflower.   Ingredientes: 250g of brocoli 250g of … Continue reading Vegetable Omelet