Travelling in Portugal

This page will be updated with some of our “small” outings in Portugal:

Melt and Pour – Transparent with little cupcakes

I finally recieved my first delivery to start my melt and pour soaps (ordered at Gran Velada): Óleo de Jojoba Sabão Base de Glicerina Cristal Sabão Base de Glicerina Branco Óleo de Coco Manteiga de Karité Refinada Molde 12 Bolinhos Românticos Óleo Essencial de Ylang Ylang Pigmento Mineral, Azul Ultramarino cosmetico Molde 8 Pastilhas de Sabonetes Clássicas Essência Aromática de Ámbar Oriental Extra Jarra para … Continue reading Melt and Pour – Transparent with little cupcakes

Vegetable omelet

So this weekend we made a few inventions in the kitchen. For lunch I made a vegetarian omelet. Here in Portugal portuguese omelet is usually made with eggs and portuguese sauasge (chouriço): Instead of making the traditional portuguese omelet we made a few changes in the recipe. I was going to make a vegetable omelet, with brocoli and cauliflower. Ingredientes: 250g of brocoli 250g of … Continue reading Vegetable omelet

Healthy Snacks/Breakfast Ideas (for kids too)

Having 2 small children and extra time do not mix togther in the same sentence. Well, maybe they do but only if you’re asking “Do you have extra time to take care of my small children?” I guess we all try to save time in the kitchen, and one way I try to save time is by having some healthy snacks ready to eat. Here are … Continue reading Healthy Snacks/Breakfast Ideas (for kids too)

Melt and Pour Soap Quilling – inspired by Sena Runa

A few months ago I read an article about an artist who quit her day job to make paper quilling art, Sena Runa. I read the article and fell in love with her art work: So, I have been thinking of doing this for a while, and tonight I did. I made a melt and pour soap inspired on Sena Runa’s paper quilling. I made a … Continue reading Melt and Pour Soap Quilling – inspired by Sena Runa

Soda ash on my CP soaps

Yesterday I did my 3rd batch of cold process soap. I wanted to make a taiwan swirl soap and I have been watching and studying for quite a while (started researching in December and made my first batch of cold process soap this Februray) and I felt that I was ready to try a taiwan swirl. It seems pretty easy, all you need is different colours mixed … Continue reading Soda ash on my CP soaps

Praia da Nazaré, Leiria

Yesterday we decided to go to Nazaré Beach. Whenever possible, I really love going there. We live about 20 mintues away from various beaches, but Nazaré is my favourite. I always have a feeling of peace when we arrive at the beach. Nazaré is a small fishing village but very well prepared for tourists. There are lots of restaurantes, cafés, SPA and lots of gift … Continue reading Praia da Nazaré, Leiria

My acrylic soap mold

I have been dedicating my (little) extra time to a homemade project I had decided to do. Every (possible) morning I get up at 05h30, while my kids are still sleeping. Until 7am I study/research on the project I am doing at the moment. I needed an acrylic soap mold and I decided to make one myself! I know how to draw with 3D Cad programs, … Continue reading My acrylic soap mold

Mold filled with soap

Acrylic Soap Mold 60x80x210mm

Hello! I just tested yesterday my new acrylic soap mold! I am very pleased with the way it turned out! I had already tested a smaller mold, 60x80x140mm and it worked very well. So I was pretty anxious to test my new mold, 60x80x210mm. I was pretty nervous because I am testing a bigger mold (if it doesn’t work I will be wasting 2x A3 … Continue reading Acrylic Soap Mold 60x80x210mm

Pictures of my acrylic soap mold

Hello Sara, I am posting the pictures of the acrylic soap mold on my blog because I am having some dificulties with facebook, lol 🙂 More pictures of position 50x80mm (width of mold): And here are some pictures of some of my experiences: So the parts I will send you you can make 80×80 and 50×80 width soaps. And here is an image of the … Continue reading Pictures of my acrylic soap mold

Unmolding Soap, Acrylic Mold

Hello! I have had some people ask to see a video of my acrylic soap mold, pouring and unmolding, so I have made a video. Unfortunately, I had a problem with the video… I deleted the pouring in the mold videos by mistake, so I will have to make another complete video one of these days 🙂 (I will have to make more soap :)!) For … Continue reading Unmolding Soap, Acrylic Mold

Honey and Beeswax – Cold Process Soap

Hello soapers! I made a soap (cold process) last week with local honey and beeswax. It was the first time I made soap with so much honey (3 teaspoons of honey in 1.5kg of oils – see what the honey did to my soap in the pictures below!). Honey and Beeswax Soap Cold process soap with honey and beeswax Recipe: – Olive oil 35% – … Continue reading Honey and Beeswax – Cold Process Soap

Summer Soap – Cold Process

Hello Soaper friends! Even though it is raining today, I am going to share with everyone who is interested my Summer Soap 🙂 I made 3 different soaps that I am planning on selling together as a kit: Pink Strawberry; Green Apple; Flower Soap (pink, green, white and yellow). Recipe: Olive oil   30% Palm oil    30% Coconut oil 20% Almond oil  9% Shea … Continue reading Summer Soap – Cold Process

Soap inspired from Portuguese Tiles

Hello Soapers! Well, I just got back from vacation last week and I finished up some things that I had to do (laser projects) and as soon as possible I made a soap! Only yesterday was I able to make a soap… Actually, 3 different soaps from ideas that I had. All 3 soaps are inspired from Portuguese Tiles: The colours I wanted to use … Continue reading Soap inspired from Portuguese Tiles

Cold Process Soap – Yellow and Blue Night Sky

Hello Soapers! I made my last 3 batches evolving around the colours white, blue and yellow. My first inspirations I thought of where Portuguese Tiles (post last week). This time I made another batch with the same colours, but my inspiration was of a nightsky: The colours I wanted where similar to the colours in the image above. Here are some images of the soap … Continue reading Cold Process Soap – Yellow and Blue Night Sky

Play Dough CP Soap

Hello Soapers! I have been planning for quite a while to make some Play Dough CP Soap, and I finally made some this week (first time). The recipe was a simple one: 25% olive oil 25% palm oil 25% coconut 25% sunflower oil I used my acrylic mold with the extra dividers to make different colours: white yellow pink green purple I now have to … Continue reading Play Dough CP Soap