Healthy Foods

I have always been health conscious, mostly because my mom used to be a real nag about healthy eating (lol). When we were kids we rarely had any junk food at home and it was really annoying. As I got older and moved out, I realized that my healthy eating habbits were part of my daily routine. I would eat junk food about once a week but I always had to have my greens and fruits nearby. It was naturally part of my eating habbits. So, after I got married and had my kids, we continued with our typical eating habbits, eating meat with rice or pasta and salad. I guess I got to a point where I believed that we had a pretty healthy routine. We cooked all our meals at home and most of the meat and chicken we ate was locally grown (by my in laws).

We generally felt decent, sometimes a bit bloated but hey, who doesn’t, right?

Well, what happened to my family in Janary 2015 made me change my life completely.

In January 2015, my aunt discovered she had breast cancer. She was 47 years old. We all supported her and told her that everything would be Okay and we believed it.

My aunt was a personal trainer, an active person. She lived her life always enthusiasticlly of everything. She loved to go for runs with her dogs or going for coffee would always make a funny update status on Facebook 🙂 She was an example to all: physicall y active (she was a personal trainer and had been in the army in her twenties – she loved to physically challenge herself), she was an organic eater, healthy diet. When she found out she had cancer, end of January 2015 we were all in shock but hopeful that she would recover and continue to live for many years. In February she discovered that the cancer had metastasized to her liver, we still thought she would beat cancer! She was a strong woman, she had been in the army and was strong physically and mentally! As the days passed (yes, days) we could see that she was beginning to get weaker and that she was in a lot of physical pain, but we had no idea…

My beautiful Tia died on March 18.

Just do it, was one of my Tia’s favourite sayings.


When my aunt was sick, we were all frantically researching alternative ways on how to cure cancer. That was when I heard of the alkaline diet and The Truth About Cancer.

So, after doing a lot of reading and watching Ty Bollinger’s episodes I learned alot. And we decided that to protect ourselves from cancer and many other diseases we have to make some changes in our lifestyles.