Me and my kids

Hello! My name is Amanda Venceslau and I am 36 years old. I am married and have 2 wonderful children 🙂 We live in Portugal, about 15km from the beaches, yeah!

I started this blog, NewResolution4Life, because of a question my husband asked me a few weeks ago. He asked me what my goal/mission in life was. And I answered that my goal, at this moment, is to raise my kids and spend as much quality time as possible with them (full story here) I work full time in the automative industry (construction of car radios and climate controls), which is a very demanding field (time, stress…). So, sometimes when I get home from work, there are moments when I just want to relax and spend quality time with my family.

But, the question he asked me kept me wondering how I could make my goal better. I started thinking of what other things in my life could I change and improve to be able to reach my goal better.

So, I have decided to register in this blog the changes that will be made in our lives and hopefully I might give some people some ideas on how to change there life too 🙂

As I think of things that I will be changing in our daily habits, I will update this section and blog (of course).


  • Changes in our eating habits – alkaline diet (started June 2015)
  • Homemade soapmaking  (starting January 2016)
  • Plant/seed as many things as possible to eat (tea, vegetables…) (starting 2016)


Let’s go!

Update May 2017:

Oh my God! I did it! My husband and I decided that it is now or never and to follow my dreams!

Yes, I am beginning a new life and I have several projects that I am working on (soap, laser cutting projects…)! Just to be clear, I quit my job and decided to take a chance and to go after my dreams! When I was younger and had finished university, my dream was to work in a worldwide company in the automotive industry and I did that. I worked for almost 14 years in the automotive industry. But now I have a new dream that I am going to go after! It is a very different area but it is just as challenging!

I have a new youtube channel where I upload my videos making soap and cutting.

Feel free to subscribe (actually, I am begging you to subscribe :)):


You can also follow my posts on this blog, I promise I will put some interesting stuff 🙂

I also started to make my acrylic molds that are a 5 in 1 mold! If you are interested in my acrylic molds I can make more molds! And yes, my engineering ideas will be a constant in my new adventure! 🙂

Acrylic Soap Mold:



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